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Re: comps discussion at fudcon and the future

Josh Boyer wrote:
Ok, but if group-metapkg has Requires on all the packages in the
group, then won't:

yum remove foo-is-part-of-group

hit the Requires on group-metapkg and have yum try to remove it,
along with everything else?

For the benefit of the list, the answer is "yes". This is why I don't like using metapackages this way; you can't selectively install them.

In fact, this reminds me... on my Asus cleanup project, one of the things I did NOT remove was the xorg-drivers package, for exactly this reason. This is one case where I want 'yum update' to know about new xorg drivers. But this means I can't remove drivers I don't need, because it will remove the metapackage, which means I won't automagically find out about new drivers.

This is actually a great example of why I would like a "group subscription" model; I could "subscribe" to xorg-drivers, and yum would tell me about new drivers, and I could decide if I want to install them, without being forced to install a bunch of drivers I don't need.

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