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Re: Heads up openssl-0.9.8j in rawhide

On 01/15/2009 12:03 AM, Tomas Mraz wrote:
I am going to build new openssl into rawhide really soon. As the new
version contains some minor ABI breaks it will require SONAME bump of
the openssl libraries. That also means all the 288 dependent packages
will have to be rebuilt. Not counting that some of the dependent
packages have circular dependencies.

But do not be scared. As the ABI break is pretty minimal and as it
should not affect a large majority of applications I am going to
temporarily provide symlinks to the old library soname and appropriate
provides in the rpm package. Of course this will be dropped as soon as
all (or majority of) the dependencies are rebuilt.

As the library should not break any major application I'd like to not
wait for the alpha unfreeze as the rebuild of all the deps will surely
take some time.
Shout loud over here after your builds have been started, please. Bonus points for providing the link to the koji task#, so that we can track it.


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