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Re: [Fedora-spins] Spins SIG Meeting(s) / Agenda!

Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:

You make it sound so logic, I can only agree with you. You're right. I hadn't read anything, I can't remember anything, let alone keep in mind what everyone's ideas, comments and recommendations were and shape them into the skeleton (read: *THE SKELETON*) of a new process. I'm definitely a fail.

The process is defined and decisions being made where majority of the people affected by the process cannot participate. Nobody posts a meeting summary.

The spin process wiki page doesn't say draft or skeleton or anything like that. It appears on it's own and a vote is being rushed based on that in a IRC meeting (which I cannot attend) where a lot of details haven't been discussed yet.

A new procedure for reports every week has been added to the process where nobody has even a vague idea (according to you) on what it should contain. This all doesn't look like the right thing to do.

* Postpone the IRC meeting and voting now. It is too early and there has not been enough details to warrant a vote yet.

NO! Period. Exclamation-mark. Fullstop. Why not? Because our next meeting would be only ~2 weeks prior to Beta freeze. Don't recall the timeline exactly, don't care enough to look it up for you.

Regardless of the time period, rushing through a vote with a skeleton proposal isn't going to benefit anybody. It would just lead to more confusion as has been evident over 3 releases in the past. So give it time and work through the details carefully.

Obviously, I haven't read the rest of your email, doh! I'm obviously responding to things I don't read?

Then I don't see the point of asking me to read a process wiki which has very few details. I have already read and commented on it.

I think you're confusing blunt criticism with constructive commentary.

Perhaps but I am tired of running around and want it to stop. I have wasted enough time unnecessarily. I am very frustrated with this repeatedly. Let's get it right, this time.

You're not explaining anything, you're dismissing everything we did for reasons of your absence and <insert-the-other-favorite-here>, almost entirely similar to how I'm dismissive towards you

Since I am not present, I can't know why without you and others who did attend post some details. Any of those attended post a summary please?

Other pages needed to complete the details on these pages you have so far should be in the making but somehow the person tasked to create those pages does not seem to be able to find the time to actually do what he's intended to do.

Who is that? Can he do it before the voting?


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