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Re: asciidoc abandoned?

> x86_64, rawhide up to date.
> I've got an annoying bug in asciidoc (#283351; yes, it is quite old by
> now), and I check regularly on that one, there being no movement there
> except for automagic assignment to the stable releases. The current
> package
> is still asciidoc-8.2.5-2.fc9.noarch in Fedora, while upstream it is now
> at
> 8.3.3. In any case, the homepage warns of possible compatibility issues
> 8.2.7. They look relatively minor to me, but in any case I believe Fedora
> 11 should ship the new version.

Looks like Chris Wright owns it, and Florian La Roche did quite a bit with
it, but nothing since 2007.  Would either care to comment?

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