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Re: comps discussion at fudcon and the future

Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
Matthew Woehlke wrote:
This reminds me... on my Asus cleanup project, one of the things I
did NOT remove was the xorg-drivers package, for exactly this reason. This is one case where I want 'yum update' to know about
new xorg drivers. But this means I can't remove drivers I don't
need, because it will remove the metapackage, which means I won't automagically find out about new drivers.

Euhm, I can remove xorg-drivers without any dependencies, but not a xorg-x11-drv-* package. I'm not sure why these other packages depend on xorg-drivers, but that's not how a meta package would be used:

Ok, I'm confused. I agree that's how it works. But that's exactly how it is meant to work, from my perspective. xorg-drivers is the metapackage, so you cannot remove individual drivers without removing the metapackage. (But nothing stops you from removing just the metapackage.)

yum install @foo would install bar and baz

yum remove baz would remove baz

Um... no, that's not how it works. foo depends on bar and baz; if you remove bar and/or baz without removing foo, foo is broken. (If foo is a metapackage, then "broken" doesn't really mean anything, but rpm doesn't distinguish between metapackages and regular packages.)

For example, you install kde, which installs qt. By your logic, I could now remove qt, but of course kde wouldn't work very well if I did, so removing qt also removes anything that depends on it, i.e. kde. (Obviously I am simplifying; kde is more fine-grained than one package.)

yum update @foo would pull in baz again, and maybe newpkg1.

Even *if* rpm knew about metapackages and could do that, I wouldn't want baz to be pulled in again. Presumably I removed it because I don't need/want it.

The above example does exactly what you want it to do, just not how you would like it to do so, I presume.

Not quite (as per previous paragraph), but it also doesn't work that way currently. If it did, it would be an improvement, although a small one if it keeps wanting to reinstall things I removed.

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