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Re: comps discussion at fudcon and the future

On Fri, 2009-01-16 at 02:36 +0100, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> > New stuff showing up in the repo is completely unrelated to the groups.
> ... which is exactly why it shouldn't get installed just because it got
> added to some group. :-)

The above is what yum groupupdate groupname does right now.

> Well, I think that with the suggested changes, there will be a lots of
> complaints about unwanted packages getting installed.
> But what do I care? I can just remove all the metapackages. It's average
> users who are going to get hurt (i.e. exactly the people you're trying to
> help). :-(

How about we try it and place a little bet on it :)

> > Which is why we can do groups of groups and more precisely break them
> > down into smaller sections. so you install what you need, not the whole
> > world.
> That sounds reasonable, but I'm not sure it's going to scale. If we end up
> with one group per package, we're failing.

If we end up with that. I doubt we will.

> > I suspect most users never know what comps is and they do all their
> > discovery by doing:
> > yum search someword
> > or
> > yum list somepkgnametheyknow
> You think most people don't use the GUIs? I'm not claiming you're wrong
> because I don't have any stats, but are you sure?

I think browsing even in the GUIs is a disaster area. It's like this -
when was the last time you used yahoo to 'browse the internet'? When was
the last time you used google?

Browsing 10000 pkgs is like browsing the internet - it's a completely
mess if you try it.


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