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Re: Heads up openssl-0.9.8j in rawhide

Tomas Mraz (tmraz redhat com) said: 
> I am going to build new openssl into rawhide really soon. As the new
> version contains some minor ABI breaks it will require SONAME bump of
> the openssl libraries. That also means all the 288 dependent packages
> will have to be rebuilt. Not counting that some of the dependent
> packages have circular dependencies.
> But do not be scared. As the ABI break is pretty minimal and as it
> should not affect a large majority of applications I am going to
> temporarily provide symlinks to the old library soname and appropriate
> provides in the rpm package. Of course this will be dropped as soon as
> all (or majority of) the dependencies are rebuilt.

Obviously hindsight is 20/20, but is there a reason this couldn't
have been done with:

- a compatiblity openssl098g package?
- a separate buildroot, and then merged?


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