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Re: Help with C Code in Fedora

Ok, Kevin Kofler,

Take it easy, we are at the same side ok?

     I am learning how I should behave on this list, for me graphichs shows more infos than command line, even if it last 1 minute or less.   Videoconferencing can last 1 minute or less, less time than you spend writting an E-mail, even for busy persons.     Let's give time to time.
     No problem, I'm interested on any peace of information on Fedora Linux anyway.   In a war, when we succeed on the battle, we should not broke enemys weapons, we should use it against him, study the weapon, and make a better one.

Ps1: I said I'm Fedora(open SW), since the begining believe it, and I need your help, ok?
Ps2: Don't keep all the help you have, share a litle part of it with us.


2009/1/16 Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at>
Lucélio Gomes de Freitas wrote:
> Ps2: Do you see any problem for us to know each other by making a *
> videoconferencing* via Skipe?

Yes, 2 of them:
* I don't have the time for such a videoconference.
* I don't use Skype because it is proprietary software.

       Kevin Kofler

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