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Re: pam_console

Bill Nottingham <notting <at> redhat.com> writes:

> I think it's time to retire pam_console from the default configuration.
> For device permissions, we already have the hal/consolekit support which
> should be use.

That may well be correct, but I have no idea how to use hal/consolekit. I
suspect few Fedora users do. Try polling your question on fedoraforum, and see
what those results tell you. I recently posted a question there about
configuring alsa permissions for mpd and the answer I got there was pam_console.
Mind you, I am ready and willing to learn the brave new hal/consolekit way of
things. I looked for docs and examples for hal/consolekit, and found nothing
relevant to my use case.

Bottom line: before you blow away pam_console, please spend some time doing
education (e.g., documenting) and outreach (e.g., responding on fedoraforum)
about the new proper way of doing things that accommodates 80% of the existing
use cases. If you want to be thorough about it, consider the software (like mpd)
in a few prominent third-party repos, too.

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