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Re: Is it time to kill python-sqlite2 on Fedora >= 10?

On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 11:12:54AM -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
> Huh?  You want him to maintain a useless package forever, so that you
> don't have to cope with a Requires: difference across branches?  Get
> real.  Requires: footprints change all the time; and even if it weren't
> an everyday occurrence, the amount of effort you want him to undertake
> is far more than the amount of effort you save.

Keeping Requires around for a long time to cope with different versions
is, in my opinion, a very good practice. If the module is provided by
the main python package now, the main python package should
Provides/Obsoletes here anyway, so the old Requires can still be used.
I think that fedora maintainers should try to avoid breaking Requires
more, not less. Remember than we maintain packages from EPEL4 up to
rawhide, and third party repo can even go more back in time.

Here the correct solution, though, would be to have something similar
with python than with perl, with auto Requires and Provides.

Also keeping a requires only means modifying one package while removing
it may mean changing all the dependent packages. And to do things
right, this change should be coordinated with a chain build -- or it 
should be verified that all the dependent packages have changed 
Requires. Now I agree that, over time, dependent packages should switch 
to the new Requires, but packages should, in my opinion keep Requires 
along as much as possible.


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