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Re: comps discussion at fudcon and the future

Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>> It was the case around Fedora 5 or 6.  I never tried to generate a RHEL5
>> livecd using that method so I don't know if anaconda had a significant
>> difference in RHEL5.
> We aren't talking about live CDs here, but about feeding a .ks to the
> installer DVD to install a system (or more commonly, many systems,
> rerunning Anaconda on each and feeding them the same .ks file) directly
> from the .ks (i.e. what Kickstart was originally designed for before it got
> reused for live CDs).
There's too much snippage going on here.

Around the Fedora 5/6 timeframe I was working for a company that made
livecds from Fedora.  The build system for the livecds at this company
used kickstart files and anaconda to install to an alternate root dir.
When writing the kickstart files for this system, I noticed that I
needed to "yum remove -y [FOO]" some packages in the %post that I had
already listed as -FOO in the package list section.  -FOO did not remove
the packages because they were listed in one of the groups that was
being pulled in.

We could all be correct in our observations but confusing each other
because nobody is specifying whether <packagereq
type="mandatory|conditional|default|optional"> is being used for the
packages we're trying to remove and there may be different behaviour for
each of these.


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