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Re: Help needed with tkimage bug

Sergio Pascual wrote:
I maintain ds9, a viewer of FITS files (a kind of image format used by
astronomers). ds9 is written in tcl and requires other packages, such
as tkimg.

tkimg comes with its own version of libz, libpng, libjpeg and libtiff.
I patched the software to use system libraries instead. Patched tkimg
works well with ds9.

But tkimg seems to crash in other conditions. As reported here
tkimage crashed with some simple tests.

The bug is caused by my patches, the package without the patches works
well. I could revert them, but that implies using the bundled graphic
libraries instead of the system ones. In the other hand I don't have
the tcl knowledge to fix it. Any help?

have you compared the sources of the included libraries versus the official tarballs ? The libraries might have been patched, for example to use TCL memory allocation mechanisms, in which case you really have no choice but to use tkimg' versions...


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