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Re: Citadel groupware for Fedora

On Sat, 2009-01-17 at 14:44 +0100, Jos Vos wrote:
> Hi.
> Has somebody ever looked at Citadel <http://www.citadel.org/>, a
> groupware solution, and maybe considered including it in Fedora?
> Among all the pseudo-OSS and/or the too huge/too complex groupware
> packages that are around, this one looks rather promising.

I was attempting to package it some years ago, but then I got really
busy with school and never finished. With the advent of Google Apps I'm
no longer interested in it. Though given the non-freeness of Google Apps
we really need a free equivalent, and Citadel is probably the closest
thing to it right now.

(I began my online life dialing up Citadel BBSs in the Minneapolis area
in 1993-94, including a Citadel/UX board that ran on an early Slackware
that gave out shell accounts, the first time I ever used Linux. The rest
is history...)

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