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Re: Testing bugzilla <-> python access

There is python-bugzilla, which is an API to the XMLRPC interface of
bugzilla. There's a non-production RHBZ instance at
https://partner-bugzilla.redhat.com too. Let me know if you have any
more questions and sorry for the top post which I can't help :/

On 1/18/09, Yaakov Nemoy <loupgaroublond gmail com> wrote:
> Hey List,
> I am looking to do some tools for sending in review requests and
> updating them with revised versions via fedora-devshell. I'm also
> planning on putting in some bits to query BZ for review requests,
> download them, and test them in f-devshell too. There has been some
> talk about wanting to help integrate this into review-o-matic, so this
> is something that could probably make it easier to do reviews too.
> In order to test this, i would need a way to send and read entries in
> RH's bugzilla. I'm about to look for libraries to do so, but before i
> can start development, i will need a test environment of course.
> (Unless everyone likes seeing bogus review requests from me.) How do i
> go about emulating the parts of BZ i need to test this?
> Cheers,
> Yaakov
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Jon Stanley
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