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Re: Testing bugzilla <-> python access

2009/1/19 Yaakov Nemoy <loupgaroublond gmail com>:
> Hey List,
> I am looking to do some tools for sending in review requests and
> updating them with revised versions via fedora-devshell. I'm also
> planning on putting in some bits to query BZ for review requests,
> download them, and test them in f-devshell too. There has been some
> talk about wanting to help integrate this into review-o-matic, so this
> is something that could probably make it easier to do reviews too.

We have already put in efforts and written something which includes
most bits of what you have stated here, though that is still in **not
usable** form. So, I would like you to collaborate with
review-o-matic* effort. In case it is okay with you we can discuss in
detail on review-o-matic* mailing list[1]?

* To be renamed soon.
[1] https://fedorahosted.org/mailman/listinfo/review-o-matic


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