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Re: pam_console

Jack Tanner (ihok hotmail com) said: 
> > For device permissions, we already have the hal/consolekit support which
> > should be use.
> That may well be correct, but I have no idea how to use hal/consolekit. I
> suspect few Fedora users do. Try polling your question on fedoraforum, and see
> what those results tell you.

How is positing a change in underlying, not-user-visible-at-all, system
infrastructure to a user's forum a worthwhile endeavor? After all, the
change to set sound device permissions from HAL was done years ago.

> I recently posted a question there about
> configuring alsa permissions for mpd and the answer I got there was pam_console.
> Mind you, I am ready and willing to learn the brave new hal/consolekit way of
> things. I looked for docs and examples for hal/consolekit, and found nothing
> relevant to my use case.


Examples are in /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/10osvendor - look at
00-thinkfinger.fdi, or 20-acl-management.fdi. It's not necessarily the
most well documented interface, but it should be stable.


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