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Re: Wrong security attributes. Maybe a bug?

Joshua C. wrote:
2009/1/19 Steve Grubb <sgrubb redhat com>:
On Monday 19 January 2009 04:06:26 pm Steve Grubb wrote:
chattr -i  ./foo
whoops...actually, chattr +i ./foo


This is what I want. Thanx.

But as I said earlier I had the impression that changing the owner to
root and settting the files in 444 mode would do the work. Back then
when I created those files I tried deleting them and I couldn't.
Therefore I thought it's sufficient. Maybe there was something else
that I did then and cann't remember now?
No, the behaviour that was already described by several posters (and that you have seen before posting here) is the one implemented by any Unix since the 60's. You should read the documentation related to file permission in Unix and think about what each command does and what part of the filesystem is involved. Basically the directories are files and the permissions and copy/move/delete operations affect the content of the "directory files" and therefore it is done according to the permissions *of the directory*. Reading the content of a specific file is subject to the access rights related *to the file.*

chattr use extended attributes and is specific to extNfs. a nice other tool still using extended attributes is setfacl.

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