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Re: Trying to debug nfs install issue, increase verbosity of nfs server?

For those of you not following along in bz480420 or bz448898
There are two new nfs-utils builds that should restore the
use of non-resolvable IP addresses.



The builds are in testing, so as soon as I get some good karma
I'll move them to stable....

Please note, these changes were in rawhide and in testing 
since Dec 20 so I thought everything was ready to go (they
even got passed the davej testing! :-) ) 

Plus the man page clear states mountd "is protected by the 
tcp_wrapper library" which was broken and need to be fixed
(something the Red Hat security guys found).

In reality only a very small number of configurations did break 
from this change since it much more common to use resolvable 
address than not.

But any time a working configuration does break from an
update is not good... and need to avoid at all costs...

Believe me... your pain became my pain very quickly... as it should... 

Again, please give me some good karma by testing these
new builds.



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