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Re: ibus and F11

On Mon, 19 Jan 2009 22:33:36 -0800, Peter Gordon <peter thecodergeek com> wrote:

> Another excellent feature of SCIM, for me, is the
> handwriting-recognition features provided through Tomoe. []

This, I suspect, is taking the argument too far. iBus will take time
to catch up with SCIM, like any less mature system. Also consider how
Metacity is less feature full than, for instance, E. But we still ship
it as default. [1]

>From the standpoint of Fedora's architecture in general, I am concerned
with an emerging pattern of trying to fix issues by rewriting everything.
Sure, IIIMF was a disaster and had to go, but SCIM is not that bad.
For me, as a user, it's difficult to estimate just how big the advantage
in maintainability is. What is going to happen when Mr. Huang becomes
bored with this project and moves to the next phase of his life?

-- Pete

[1] In addition, I break kanji up into radicals and look it up in WWDICT
or Wordtank. The search by writing seems like a cute toy, but not essential.
But this is beside the point really: I don't want "my Japanese habits vs.
your Japanese habits" to be an argument. Just FYI.

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