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Re: Summary of the 2009-01-20 Packaging Committee meeting

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

>   "Anything in the spec file which is not obvious should have a
>   comment explaining it.
>   Some examples of non-obvious items include (but are not limited to):
>     * Some explicit requires
>     * FHS violations
>     * Changes to optflags
>     * Not using %configure or make install
>     * Provides/Obsoletes
>     * Modified tarballs
>     * Licensing or legal related changes"
> I trust these are really just examples, not a list of things that have
> to be commented on.  And that reviewers who are blindly running
> through the guidelines and not paying much attention won't treat this
> as a bullet list of must-have comments.

That's the intention.  If reviewers don't read them that way we'll have
to write it in a way that is clearer.


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