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RPM Advice

I realize this isn't a fedora specific issue, but I know you are all very rpm knowledgeable and might have a quick answer to my issue.

I'm building a few bash scripts for use in our company. We have a few fedora based workstations so I thought, easier than copying the scripts everywhere - lets create an rpm so I can update them as need be. So instead of a bunch of separate bash scripts for each different command, I would have a common script that included a common library of functions, and then a single file for each command. So the basis is this:

main command located /usr/bin

it has a line


while developing I need that to be the local files I'm working on so I have it set to ./scripts, but when I deploy as an rpm I need it changed to %_datadir/%{name}... I couldn't find a 'good' way of doing that. Any suggestions?

Nathanael d. Noblet
T: 403.875.4613

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