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Spins SIG Meeting Minutes 19-01-2009

These are the meeting minutes for our last meeting, and as you can see there's lots of stuff to do still, even some of our agenda items needed to be moved to our mailing list or to the next meeting.

The minutes are also available on the meeting wiki page at:


Before the week is over, you'll see some threads on our Spins SIG list ;-)

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

PS: Can someone point me to the irc2html log converter?

= Meeting Minutes =

== Attendees ==

* [[User:Kanarip|Jeroen van Meeuwen]]
* [[User:Bkearney|Bryan Kearney]]
* [[User:Bruno|Bruno Wolff]]
* [[User:Poelcat|John Poelstra]]
* [[User:Notting|Bill Nottingham]]
* [[User:Nirik|Kevin Fenzi]]
* [[User:Jwb|Josh Boyer]]
* [[User:Sundaram|Rahul Sundaram]]
* [[User:Huff|David Huff]]
* [[User:Igor|Igor Pires Soares]]

== Spins Process ==

* [[User:Kanarip]]: Q&A
* bkearney: Accepted means "will be composed and released through Release Engineering"? ** kanarip: Accepted means it'll be handed off to Release Engineering to be composed and released, and get a torrent and page on spins.fedoraproject.org
** poelcat: If it does not fail testing
* bruno: No wiki name space described for the Spins pages
** kanarip: /Foo_Spin or SIGs/Education/Education_Live_Spin
** nirik: $name_Spin would be better as wiki hates /'s
* bkearney: If trademark is not accepted, it is not a spin?
** kanarip: then it's a "Fedora Remix", and goes back to category Incomplete_Spin, yes * kanarip: Take the process up for vote now, get people to draft up the details and review in 2 weeks * kanarip: Vote is: Do you agree with the process set forth in the Spins_Process wiki page, bearing in mind some of the details still need to be filled out?
** kanarip, bkearney, nirik, bruno, notting, huff, igorps, poelcat: +1
** Vote passed
* kanarip: i need 1-3 volunteers who can take on the details on the process, the 5 sub-items for agenda item #1 ** bryan, bruno, kanarip taking on the details on Spins_Process, up for review and voting during our next meeting in two weeks

== Action Items ==

* Create details pages up for review in our next meeting (bkearney, bruno, kanarip)

== Meeting Time and Schedule ==

* kanarip: Does the current time and schedule work for most of us?
** SIG: Yes
* kanarip: Meeting time and schedule set until someone brings it up again

== Determining the Spins SIG workflow ==

* kanarip: i'd like to see a more formalized set of tasks to be performed by the Spins SIG and the spin maintainers, so that we know when to branch off GIT, what to branch, what to compose(-test), what to expect from spin maintainers, etc. ** huff, bruno; since the process details are not there yet, part of the timeline and such isn't available to formalize

== Process of recurring releases ==

* The question is whether Spins that have been approved for Fedora N-1 need to get trademark approval again
* The question also is what to do with the Wiki pages?
** nirik: How about they have to add a page for each release, but can automagically pass some steps? board approval? spins sig approval? ** kanarip: poelcat and myself have thought of a way to maintain the same page for different releases, linking to the release-specific revision of that page.
** poelcat: Overview pages would have to be modified
** kanarip: Category: package are overview pages
** ianweller chimes in but since there's only 10 minutes left, we need to take this to the fedora-wiki mailing list

== Action Items ==

* kanarip to take the recurring releases process wiki tracking discussion to the fedora-wiki mailing list

== Media larger then 4GB ==

* A vote was started, but due to the time constraint it didn't pass nor fail
* kanarip suggested bruno strips the Games spin to under 4GiB for now, so that it is not an issue, and revisit for Beta

== Action Item ==

* kanarip to put the 4GiB limit on the Agenda for the next meeting

== Current Spins ==

* Call for volunteers to check the current spin pages and add them to the appropriate category is moved to mailing list.

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