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Re: Proxy error upon Red Hat Bugzilla request_new_account

I experience the same problem both from home and from work (two different ISPs). In both cases, the browser is configured not to use a proxy, and furthermore I can access lots of bug web pages hosted on the same web server (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/) that handles the request_new_account form. So I would exclude the possibility of a proxy set up by the ISPs.

The strange thing is that if I pick a password which is too short, or even if the two passwords do not match, the script token.cgi that processes the form generates a Bugzilla web page containing a specific error message, whereas if the form is filled in correctly, that very same script fails with "502 Proxy Error."

Whatever its source is, the problem does not seem a transient one, since it is still occurs now as it did about 16 hours ago.

The last sentence in my previous e-mail should have read "After all, the ability of reporting bugs IS one key aspect of Fedora development."

Jeff MacDonald wrote:
On Tuesday 20 January 2009 16:59:23 Davide Cescato wrote:
As my very first contribution to Fedora, I have my first bug report to
file. I am in the process of creating a new Red Hat Bugzilla account for
this purpose, but a proxy error blocks my way.

Is your browser configured to use any kind of proxy? Does your service provider put a proxy between you and the Bugzilla instance? I've seen this problem before in the wild, so I do not think it is specific to this instance of Bugzilla.

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