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Re: Edits to Emacs packaging guidelines page

2009/1/21 Jerry James <loganjerry gmail com>:
> The wiki tells me that I don't have permission to edit
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Emacs.  Will someone who can
> edit that page please make the following changes?
> Under "Location of installed files", subheading "XEmacs", add a "lisp"
> subdirectory to both paths, like so:
> %define xemacs_lispdir %{_datadir}/xemacs/site-packages/lisp
> %define xemacs_startdir %{_datadir}/xemacs/site-packages/lisp/site-start.d
> Under "Requires for GNU Emacs and XEmacs", subheading "Determining the
> Required (X)Emacs version at package build time", change
> %define emacs_version 22.1
> to
> %define emacs_version 22.2
> Under "Templates for Emacsen add-on package spec files", make both of
> the above changes in the first template, and the second change in the
> second template.

Well, actually, the version number is really an indication of the
lowest version that is compatible with the elisp that you're about to
generate - nothing changed in this regard between 22.1 and 22.2 (or

Within the buildsystem, the hardcoded versions here are never used, as
the true version is found at package build time. However, those stupid
hardcoded versions are there to stop the building of SRPMs breaking
prior to package building - BuildRequires aren't satisfied when the
SRPM is built, so pkg-config isn't present.

So, yeah, no harm in those updates, but not a big deal.

[Aside: I am in the process of adding RPM macros to simplify this
rather messy pkg-config use, once that is in place I'll propose
changes to the guidelines.]


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