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Re: comps discussion at fudcon and the future

[oops, thought I already had sent this but just found it in my drafts folder]

----- "Bill Nottingham" <notting redhat com> wrote:
> Well... attached is a prototype of a yum plugin to do this sort of
> stuff.

Great - thanks.  I was actually going to write something very similar for yum-utils for F11 to allow automatic installing of langpacks, etc, for when installing packages.

My idea was to use meta-packages for that though.  So if you have have say the "japanese-support" metapackage installed and then go to install openoffice it would pull in the Japanese lang pack for you automatically.  I agree with Rex that it needs to support more than just langpacks.  Eg installing kde should pull in ibus-qt if you are using ibus for example, but I think that could be done.  There was also a request for such support for emacs support subpackages, which might work both ways (ie either when installing emacs and/or the program the subpackage is supporting (eg emacs-git)).

So how about including this in yum-utils?


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