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Re: F10 and no root login - impossible to maintain systems!

Felix Miata wrote:
On 2009/01/21 21:12 (GMT-0500) Casey Dahlin composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

On 2009/01/21 20:55 (GMT-0500) Casey Dahlin composed:

...Even then, with F10 using a 0 second wait at the grub prompt, it's almost impossible to catch grub in time to specify the runlevel or init=/bin/sh.


Not much help when system is configured to start X automatically, and X
proceeds to lock up the whole system because of an Intel video chip's broken

And how does allowing graphical root login fix that?

It doesn't. It's the reason why nothing graphical should happen before
everything else that graphical requires is known to be functioning, while
typically fixing the broke stuff requires root power.

Graphical boot is obfuscatory nonsense. I just put W2K on an old puter a few
days ago. Linux boots right up, but W2K takes 5 minutes to reach the login
window. The graphical blanket makes it impossible to see what is taking so
bloody long. I know there's a startup option to avoid the graphical doz
curtain, but that should be the default, not a hidden option. Same for Linux:
Graphical should be a selected option for those who want it, not the default.
Defaults exist for people who aren't smart enough to change them.

And graphical boot will go away when Fedora boots in 5 seconds (which it may do soon).


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