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Re: [QA] To clone or not to clone ( a bug report ) that's the question...

Mamoru Tasaka wrote:
Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote, at 01/22/2009 06:46 AM +9:00:
When a Bug Hunter encounters the same bug in past (supported ) release, current release and rawhide.

Should he..

    File the same bug 3 times as in once for each release?


    File the bug once and comment on that report that the same bug
    is present in the other release(s) as well?

Cast your opinions and vote on how you prefer it.

The majority of the outcome will decide on how Bug Hunters will be directed to
handle this.


Just FYI this topic once brought up one year ago:


I can see were this is heading and I honestly did not think that this could be that complicated.

FYI this is neither about Bodhi nor Triaging nor will the outcome of this just stay in a thread on
a mailing list.

This is about if a TESTER aka "Bug Hunter" shall report the bug
he came across ONCE and comment on that report if he comes accross the same bug
in another release.


If he should file another separate report describing the exact same bug for that release.

This subject WILL be a topic on the next QA meeting and votes counted and a FINAL decision be made.

The decision that is made on that meeting WILL end up in testers guide and be mentioned on the QA TESTERS page.

YOU as a maintainer or developer of a component have a week to choose either A or B and express your opinion on that chose.

There will be an option where YOU can add your component as an exception to that final outcome on that TESTERS page.

YOU could perhaps ask the triage team to handle reports against YOUR component differently then the outcome of final decision but that's something the triage team have to decide if they will offer that service to a maintainer or a developer.

Please take your time and participate in the voting so we can get as accurate result
A result that express the will of the ( majority of the ) community.

Thank you for your time.

fn:Johann B. Gudmundsson
n:Gudmundsson;Johann B.
org:Reiknistofnun - University of Iceland;IT Management
adr:Taeknigardi;;Dunhagi 5;Reykjavik;;107;Iceland
email;internet:johannbg hi is
title:Unix System Engineer RHCE,CCSA

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