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Re: [QA] To clone or not to clone ( a bug report ) that's the question...

Mark McLoughlin wrote:


I think a sensible policy is:

  1) File the bug against the version you have tested with

  2) If this version is not rawhide, there is generally no need to also
file a bug against rawhide. Maintainers should always check whether the bug is fixed in rawhide. Commenting whether you believe the bug exists in rawhide is always useful.

3) If you think this is a critical bug and have checked that it exists other released versions, then you should clone the bug for those other versions.

4) Otherwise, just comment on the impact to other versions and let the maintainer decide whether cloning the bug is appropriate.

I do believe you nailed this one Mark :)

No, it's not a black/white policy. It requires a little bit of common
sense. But that's okay, right?

Of course not and alternative, different approaches,
better suggestions/solution are always welcome.


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