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Re: How do I allow automatic non root access to my non standard USB device ?

On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 8:43 AM, Kevin Coffin <kevin finway co uk> wrote:
> Oh look I've done it now - its simple when you have done it once. Would
> you like me to write it up with more detail ? Someone will need to look
> over it because I am not sure that everything I have done is correct.
> Comments and suggestions welcome.

Where is the right place to put that sort of step-by-step guide?

Release notes? I'm not sure.
/usr/share/docs ?

I just don't know where people expect to find and read this sort of stuff.

And I think we are still in a transitionary state in how we handle
authorizations.  I think the new tech is very very interesting but the
comfort level people have with it is lagging behind its capabilities.
If I'm going to write documentation aimed at closing that gap, I want
to make sure its written in format and location that it's preferred.


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