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No F11 Alpha for PowerPC

Hi All,

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, there will not be an
F11 Alpha release for PowerPC.  Aside from the normal issues
that effect all the architectures, there were two things that
contributed to this being the case:

1) The ppc64 kernels have not booted in quite some time.  This
   is due to yaboot not being able to handle a kernel with
   CONFIG_RELOCATABLE=y being set because of the differences
   that creates in the elf file type.

   I fixed yaboot today and the ppc64 kernel will again at
   least try to boot.  However...

2) While everyone was rejoicing over the upstream merge of
   squashfs into the kernel (myself included), we didn't quite
   realize that squashfs-tools does not work on big-endian
   architectures.  This prevents ananconda from building the
   images needed for daily rawhide boot.isos and the actual
   composed install media.

   This is an upstream problem, and I have emailed them to see
   if there is anything I can do to help.  However given the
   timeframe in question, it is quite unlikely that this will
   be fixed before the Alpha date.  Even if it was, the lack of
   testing since Jan 12 would lead me to hesitate doing an Alpha

I'll work on this as best I can.  Hopefully by the time Beta
rolls around we'll be back on track.


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