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Re: F10 and no root login - impossible to maintain systems!

Benjamin LaHaise wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 11:50:16AM +0100, Matej Cepl wrote:
>> Prove yourself wrong yourself -- what happens when you do 
>> Ctrl+Alt+F2 in X?

> I've known about this trick for more than a decade, and when I try to switch 
> to any text console on my F10 installs, nothing occurs -- the system remains 
> in X.  The combination of that with no more root logins (which I'm vehemently 
> opposed to as I think this nannying of experienced users is against the whole 
> Linux experience) and changes to the grub config that make the window to 
> catch the boot loader much narrower, my overall impression of Fedora 10 as a 
> long time Linux user is very negative.  Firefox keeps losing my bookmarks 
> (yes, there's a bug filed for that with mozilla), arrow keys don't work 
> correctly in qemu or vmware, metacity crashes on startup 1 in 5 logins, 
> suspend doesn't work despite the next generation suspend code being used 
> in other distributions that do work, and all my systems have had their nfs 
> mounts denied due to another overzealous "security improvement"...

> Sure, some of these are simple bugs, but the one that drives me nuts is the 
> system denying me the ability to fix it.  The security concerns are 
> unreasonable given that Fedora 9 popped up a dialog warning a user when 
> logging in as root.  This is a step backwards in usability, not an improvement.

> 		-ben

First... I apologize. I don't really relong here. I am not a sys admin,
a developer, nothing special. I am just a long time, ordinary,
interested Linux user. Period. No training. No schooling. Other than my
at home, 'hands on' experience, self taught knowledge.

*I* know how to cold boot to a CLI bootup. *I* know how to boot to a
level 1 emergency (rescue) boot. *I* know how to get out of a user level
5 GUI and drop to a CLI level 3. *I* know how to start a 'root session'
GUI from the level 3 CLI as well as work from the CLI. I know what, and
how, to edit what it takes to permit a GUI root login from the DM. All
with todays Fedora, and other distro's, releases offered.

So the *real* complaint is what here is what? Really? That a stupid ole'
user like me knows how to do what the self proclaimed 'super experts'
don't know how to do? Get real.

So change this to suit your needs and wants. Or, please. Shut the hell
up about this already.



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