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Re: Alpha freeze refresh on Tuesday?

On 23.01.2009 02:11, Josef Bacik wrote:
2009/1/22 Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com>:
So we're actually in a better place for alpha than I thought we'd be.
Installer, which we care most about for Alpha, is in a good place and
working well, for the most part.  There are a couple lingering issues,
some with work arounds, some without (ppc) but if we wanted to, we could
take the current frozen content and produce the bits for Alpha.  Only
our release date is a week from Tuesday, which would put Alpha a bit
long in the tooth.

Since we've got installer where we want it, and rawhide itself isn't too
terrible (minus the sqlite issue today), I'm considering a refresh of
the alpha tag on Tuesday and making the Alpha from that content.  This
of course depends on rawhide not destroying itself in the next few days,
but we can make a judgment call on Tuesday for that.

I would love that personally, it will give me some time to test the
btrfs part of the install to make sure any other random issues are
mostly worked out.  I know its not an important part or anything, but
it would be nice for something thats been advertised to not completely
throw up on an unsuspecting tester.  Thanks,

Would also be nice to get the fix for
into anaconda to make sure ext4 gets properly tested in the alpha. Fix is discussed on anaconda-devel right now, but not applied yet to git (and thus not yet in rawhide) afaics.


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