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Re: Alpha freeze refresh on Tuesday?

> So we're actually in a better place for alpha than I thought we'd be.
> Installer, which we care most about for Alpha, is in a good place and
> working well, for the most part.  There are a couple lingering issues,
> some with work arounds, some without (ppc) but if we wanted to, we could
> take the current frozen content and produce the bits for Alpha.  Only
> our release date is a week from Tuesday, which would put Alpha a bit
> long in the tooth.
> Since we've got installer where we want it, and rawhide itself isn't too
> terrible (minus the sqlite issue today), I'm considering a refresh of
> the alpha tag on Tuesday and making the Alpha from that content.  This
> of course depends on rawhide not destroying itself in the next few days,
> but we can make a judgment call on Tuesday for that.

If most of the libgda and mysql rebuild get done, I think that'd be great.

> Thoughts?
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