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xorg.conf - what to do for an input device


I was looking at xorg.conf on Fedora 10, and
my question is: what is the correct approach,
when an input device does not work as it was supposed to?

In my case, I have an old tablet (Genius) that was detected,
but its surface area is not mapped correctly onto the screen.
Moving the stylus less than half an inch, makes the cursor cross
the entire screen.

In the past, I used an alternative driver, which was configured
in xorg.conf. Now, this same driver has an undefined external
reference "xf86errno" in F10.

Even if I fix the driver, since the input devices are detected automatically,
the only way (I see) of using the alternative driver is including

Section "ServerFlags"
        Option "AutoAddDevices" "false"

in xorg.conf. But this will force me to specify all other
input drivers one by one, in xorg.conf, that is, it is an
"all or nothing" approach. Is that correct?

The other option is trying to make the detected driver
use  the correct mapping, by suppling some parameters.

According to the instructions available here


I would have to look at this file:


However, I did not see anything that I could change
to fix my problem.

Any suggestion?


Paulo Roma Cavalcanti

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