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Re: support for latest (radeon) hardware

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> But it's not like I requested a update to 6.10 immediately. It's just
> that the mail I replied to sounded a bit like "6.10 for F10 is unlikely
> in general". That's *IMHO* bad. Mainly for two reasons:
> * regular users will go and install the fglrx drivers, as those offer
> support for the 4xxxx series; that is something most of us don't want
> users to do, hence we should offer them a better solution
> * Fedora in most areas is good for new hardware, as you get new drivers
> (hplip, gutenprint, sane,...) and even new kernels as regular update,
> which improves hardware support (especially for current hardware) over
> time. But Fedora not only would be "good for new hardware", it could
> have "fantastic support for new hardware" if support for other new
> hardware (like the big bunch of the Radeon HD 4xxx series) also could
> find it's way into the stable distro.


Drivers should get updated if at all possible. And it looks like in this
case it is.

        Kevin Kofler

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