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Re: Heads up: MySQL 5.1 coming soon to rawhide

>>>>> "TL" == Tom Lane  writes:

TL> Tom Lane <tgl redhat com> writes:
>> I intend to push mysql 5.1.30 into rawhide next week, as soon as
>> the alpha freeze has lifted.

>> "Jon Ciesla" <limb jcomserv net> writes:
>>> Will you give us a shout here right after yuo do it?

>> Sure, will do.

TL> mysql 5.1.30-2 is built in rawhide.  I'm not sure how long it
TL> takes to hit the buildroots, but things should start breaking
TL> shortly ;-)


Is there any chance you could announce this on the
fedora-devel-announce list, rather than just posting to
fedora-devel-list?  This list gets so much traffic that many
maintainers don't follow it.

Such important distro-wide dependency-breaking announcements such
MySQL updates (or other soname breakage that affects many packages)
should get wide circulation which was the reason why the lower volume
fedora-devel-announce was created in the first place.


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