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Re: bash-4.0-rc1

Tim Niemueller wrote:
Roman Rakus schrieb:
I'm preparing bash 4.0 rc1 to rawhide. Trying to finish before freeze.
To ensure this change as smooth as possible, everyone can read changes
section and inform me about any issue. For now you can pick a bash from
gnu's ftp: http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/bash/bash-4.0-rc1.tar.gz

What are the major changes that make up a new major release? All I saw
in the changelog were dozens of "Fixed X" entries and the bash website
is not very helpful either. Anything really new or any stuff that could
break existing scripts easily?


quotation from upstream:

The most notable new features are associative arrays, improvements to the
programmable completion functionality, case-modifying word expansions,
co-processes, support for the `**' special glob pattern, and additions to
the shell syntax and redirections.  The shell has been changed to be more
rigorous about parsing commands inside command substitutions, fixing one
piece of Posix non-compliance.


I don't see anything that could break anything.

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