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Re: Root Logins in X...

You will not be able to log in if your home subdirectory and/or its associated partition is full. Everytime you log in, it writes something, and if it can't... Well, unless you can log in as root, you are stuck.

2009/1/26 Thomas Bendler <ml bendler-net de>
2009/1/22 Dr. Diesel <dr diesel gmail com>

Not sure how or why we would try to prevent utter stupidity!  I am firmly against forcing uses in any direction. 
Please just make it easy to switch back.

A root login on X is not nessaccary, in no situation (except the design of your installation is crap or you switch to init S and you have password based login enabled). But it cause big problems if you talk about audit and other nice security and controls. So for what reason should there be a root login in X. It is not even needed in a console. Everything could be done with normal user rights and escalation of privilegies on specific tasks.

Regars, Thomas

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