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Re: xorg.conf - what to do for an input device

2009/1/25 Paulo Cavalcanti <promac gmail com>:
> The spec file is here:
> http://people.atrpms.net/~pcavalcanti/specs/wizardpen.spec
> Do you think that would be any interest in having wizardpen in Fedora?

I would think so. 3rd party X drivers tend to not be a lot of fun, but
if it's the only way to use the genius tablets, then I think it should
be included. The license is acceptable.

> I really do not know if this type of package is acceptable or not.

What I think would be more interesting is trying to get it into Xorg
or at least discussing other ways that the genius tablets could be
supported. One thing that's interesting is that your spec file says
GPLv2, but the driver itself (src/wizardpen.c) is MIT/X Consortium.
The calibration tool is GPLv2+. Since the driver itself is compatible
with Xorg, they might just be able to drop (or rewrite) the
calibration tool and pull it in.


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