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Re: Default ISA/tuning flags for GCC, --enable-kernel= level for glibc

Robert Scheck wrote:
> Since when do we care about third party? We have KVM, no need in Fedora
> for SWsoft software. The only argument could be RHEL 5 where our
> buildsystem is running on.

A lot of us packagers are doing test mock builds on a variety of machines,
e.g. as part of reviews or for a variety of other reasons. For example,
many of us run the latest stable release and do mock builds targeting
Rawhide on it. This is not possible if the release only has 2.6.27 or
2.6.28 and the Rawhide glibc requires 2.6.29. The stricter the requirements
on the build host are, the harder it gets to do such test builds. Mock is a
big help there, we'd lose many of its advantages by coupling our userspace
too closely to our kernel.

In addition, this also makes things hard for third-party repositories, who
often build on a variety of hosts which are not even necessarily Fedora.
See for example the OpenSUSE build service, which is used to build some
third-party Fedora packages. Mock is even packaged for Debian.

        Kevin Kofler

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