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Re: Lack of update information

Chris Weyl wrote:

It's hardly a "small additional cost", especially when looked at in
aggregate; this would be an additional non-automateable step required
for every update release that is of very questionable value/utility to
the vast majority of our users.

I wouldn't say that. Currently it is of questionable value currently but it would be much more valuable without just version bumping and more careful thought put into justifying the need for updates. Every update adds to a large cost in terms of build time, bandwidth, potential regressions etc.

I realize it would make your life
easier, but is it worth an additional imposition on our already
highly-regulated maintainers just to make your life easier?

This is hardly about just me. I am not the only user on low bandwidth connections at times. Many regions of the world are as you can see from the number of people agreeing with the general idea.

Basically, this seems to be "I don't really trust the package
maintainer's decision on why I should upgrade, so I want to know what
changes this introduces."

There are other considerations including but not limited to bandwidth and yes, the criteria that users choose for consuming updates can be quite different from the maintainer's reason for pushing the update and without the maintainers informing me of why they decided to do a push, users can't arbitrate their decisions either.

This step requires human intelligence and cannot be automated completely. You will have to take into account not only things like upstream changelogs (names,location etc differ widely and may not even be provided) but also downstream patches, downstream bugs filed that are being fixed by a particular update, CVE information for security updates and much more information that a package maintainer would know about and is very valuable to be passed on to end users. Some portions which can be automated, already are, such as bodhi closing updates optionally if the bug numbers are specified.


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