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Attn FESco: Non-Responsive Maintainer - John Berninger

Attn Fesco,

Per the Fedora Non-Responsive Maintainer Policy at:


    * After another 7 days (now 3 weeks total), the reporter posts a formal
request to the fedora-devel list with the bug link, indicating all reasonable
efforts have been made to contact the maintainer have failed and that they wish
to take over the package. 

I would like to trigger the next phase of the non-responsive maintainer policy.

Extensive efforts have been made at various email addresses to contact John but
no replies have been received.  In addition two separate bugzilla entries were
made against his package gallery2 asking for his response:


Please remove him from the primary maintainer list for his packages.  orphan any
packages that that leaves maintainerless. 

Involved packages include ratpoison, squidguard, wordpress, bugzilla, gallery2.

Jon Ciesla (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=474870#c7) requested
maintainership for gallery2.  He has already provided updates.



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