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Re: Lack of update information

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Before more English writing is asked of packagers (most of whom are not
> native English speakers), in an area the average non-techie user doesn't
> consult, and which is useless to a lot of people since it's not
> translated, it would be great if some editors did review, fix and
> improve of all our package summaries and descriptions, which is
> something that *would* have high user impact, and *would* make packager
> life easier, by relieving them of a shore which has nothing to do with
> technical packaging.

IMHO update details are at least as important as the summaries and

They're not translated, but that's the nature of current information.
There's just no time to translate it. In fact, I think our process of
freezing release notes early so they can get translated is harmful, I'd
rather have current information in English (which is only my 4th language!)
than old translated information.

> And I'm sure all the localization teams that have to translate the
> pidgin English some of us use would cheer too.

Your English is just fine, in fact I didn't notice a single error in your
entire mail. Most if not all Fedora maintainers are writing decent to
flawless English.

        Kevin Kofler

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