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Re: Lack of update information

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Chris Weyl wrote:
It's hardly a "small additional cost", especially when looked at in
aggregate; this would be an additional non-automateable step required
for every update release that is of very questionable value/utility to
the vast majority of our users.

I wouldn't say that. Currently it is of questionable value currently but it would be much more valuable without just version bumping and more careful thought put into justifying the need for updates. Every update adds to a large cost in terms of build time, bandwidth, potential regressions etc.

There are distros for people that feel that way. I don't think any of them are named "Fedora".

Then there are distros that believe in following upstream and shipping their bug-fixes and feature enhancements. I'm using my favorite one of those :-). Such distros, incidentally, are great for developers (/me waves) who need to follow upstream (due to dependencies, or just desire to watch upstream) but who need something more stable than rawhide.

Should we not release any updates without a Fedora bug being filed asking to upgrade to the latest upstream?

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