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Re: how to show upstream changes to the user

Dan Horák wrote:
Both sides in the "Lack if update information" thread are true. The
presented information about changes is almost useless for the user, but
rewriting the upstream changelogs into bodhi is a superfluous burden for
the maintainers. There is, in my opinion, a technical solution for this
issue that can make both sides happy.

I didn't ask for upstream changelogs to be rewritten within bodhi. If there is a upstream changelog, just adding a reference would be very helpful. If that can be automated, that's great.

And it is new "ChangeLog" tag in RPM. It should be an URL pointing to
upstream changelog and GUI package management tools can open a browser
window to show the content, like they do for the home page.

This might solve part of the problem. It doesn't solve the problem where downstream bugs are not referred to or closed for example. The thing is that this process requires human intelligence and cannot be completely automated in all cases.


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