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Re: Lack of update information

Denis Leroy wrote:
> I find it unreasonable to ask of package maintainers to take the role of
> technical writers.

Oh come on, writing a couple of sentences to explain what's new and why it's
being pushed doesn't need a technical writer at all.

> Anything beyond copy/pasting will widen the gap between packages
> maintained by native english speakers and packages that aren't.

Your English is just fine. Why are the ones who speak practically perfect
English (Nicolas Mailhot and you so far) the ones who complain about
this? ;-)

> ChangeLog typically contains a large number of fairly detailed technical
> changes that has no place in the RPM spec log or in bodhi.

That's clear. But that's why it would be nice to summarize it. In those
cases where it really can't be done, a link (URL) to the upstream changelog
is easy to add.

> i think it's unreasonable to ask anything more that a comment such
> as 'bug fix release' or 'introduces some new features'.

I don't.

        Kevin Kofler

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