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Re: Lack of update information

Le Mar 27 janvier 2009 10:20, Kevin Kofler a écrit :

>> Anything beyond copy/pasting will widen the gap between packages
>> maintained by native english speakers and packages that aren't.
> Your English is just fine. Why are the ones who speak practically
> perfect
> English (Nicolas Mailhot and you so far) the ones who complain about
> this? ;-)

Because the others do not have the necessary English skills to parse
or participate in a complex fedora-devel debate.

That does not mean they can't and do not do good packaging, as long as
they're not asked to write English essays. (not that I disagree with
Jesse's point people are too hasty to push updates Bodhi-side, but
this is not the correct way to stem the tide).

Again, the value of this information is limited at best and only
concerns a very small user minority that both speaks English and
understands technical jargon (ie, not a lot of people). Even those who
have some grasp of English would usually not be able to parse it!

The typical writing you Rahul asks of, even if it was perfectly filed,
would be as useful to our average user as:

« Corrigé le fripouillard qui perturbait l'ordonnancement des travaux
de mise à jour du schmilblick (inversion de priorité dans le zorglub)

ie something that vaguely mimics a foreign language taught as school
with enough jargon and arcane references to be totally unparsable.

Nicolas Mailhot

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