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Re: how to show upstream changes to the user

Michael Schwendt wrote:
On Tue, 27 Jan 2009 13:57:34 +0100, Dan wrote:

b) have such a field in bodhi instead
The keyword should be "automation". Why to copy&paste when it can be
done by script. I can imagine a "hidden" field in spec (special comment
like #changelog: http://....) that is transformed into a field in bodhi.
It can be a macro in spec that gets evaluated before including in bodhi,
If such a thing is in the package, obviously it should be pulled automatically by bodhi. You almost certainly need to copy-paste the link once anyway - if the field only exists in bodhi then there's just one copy-paste. Mind you, I'm not trying to shoot this down, just looking at possibilities :)
I am looking for possibilities too, so there is chance we will meet
somewhere :-)

So far it smells like needless bureaucracy, which you try to advertise as
"low overhead for maintainers". Only few maintainers would be interested
in hunting for URLs of changelog web pages for minor/major releases. The
benefit would be small. Users of open source software packages, which are
sceptical of updates/upgrades, ought to fetch the source packages and take
a look at the documentation files in addition to the package changelog.
Conclusively, make it easy to fetch'n'browse the src.rpm for updates.

For the record the change log and reference to bug fixes either in our bugzilla or upstream are extremely useful information for at least testers,triagers and other developers to monitor.

So please contain either an http url to the upstream changelog file or an file:///usr/share/doc/<component>/changelog at least in the rawhide and updates-testing report.

Both the http an file url are easy to use click able solutions.

And please do not remove the reference to a report(s) in bugzilla

This tell testers absolutely nothing

- New upstream version
- Update to
- Lots of bug fixes

What does the new upstream/update version bring?
which feature(s)?
which bug(s) got fixed?

While this does....

[ 1 ] Bug #471709 - add sh architecture support

Update to kernel


Well you could of course provide testers with test cases each
time an new update/version is released instead of provide a reference to the bug(s) that are fixed and an url to the changelog so QA could come up with those test cases if needed.

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