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Re: Lack of update information

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Denis Leroy wrote:
I find it unreasonable to ask of package maintainers to take the role of
technical writers.

Oh come on, writing a couple of sentences to explain what's new and why it's
being pushed doesn't need a technical writer at all.

Ok, here's a little exercise :-)

Below is the ChangeLog of gtkmm-2.15.0, which I pushed to rawhide a while ago. How would you summarize it to Bodhi ?


2009-01-01  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* gtk/src/cellrendererpixbuf.hg: Added the icon-name and follow-state
	properties, noticed by Mathias Hasselmann.

2009-01-01  Armin Burgmeier  <armin openismus com>

	* gtk/src/printer.ccg (SignalProxy_Custom_gtk_callback): Take a new
	reference on the passed printer object, so that we don't unref it at
	the end of the function (Tor Krill).

2008-12-22  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* gdk/src/gdk_docs_override.xml: Correct the documentation for
	gdk_window_invalidate_rect() to remove C-specific text.
	* gdk/src/window.ccg:
	* gdk/src/window.hg: Added an invalidate() that takes no rect
	parameter because it can be NULL in C.

2008-12-10 Przemysław Grzegorczyk  <pgrzegorczyk gmail com>

	* Cleaned up gtk includes to use only toplevel headers
	Bug #564006

2008-12-08  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* gtk/src/treemodel.hg: set_value_impl() documentation: Mention
	row_changed(), not set_row_changed().
	Bug #562505 (Bohumir Zamecnik)

2008-12-06  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* gtk/src/container.hg:
	* gtk/src/gtk_vfuncs.defs: Use GType instead of GtkType for the
	child_type_vfunc() return type, because that seems to have changed in
	GTK+ and GtkType is deprecated.	Likewise, use GDestroyNotify in other
	vfuncs instead of GtkDestroyNotify.
	This should allow soure code to use gtkmm if it declares
	Bug #562893 (Dénes Faluvégi)

2008-11-18  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* configure.in:
	* docs/FAQ/Makefile.am:
	* docs/FAQ/gtkmm-faq.xml:
	* docs/Makefile.am: Remove the FAQ because we moved it to
	gtkmm-documentation months ago.

2008-11-14  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	* gtk/src/gtk_signals.defs: Restored the GtkHandleBox::child-attached
	signal definition and the GtkLinkButton::visited property definition,
	so these are really put in the API. At some point in 2.14.x we lost

2008-11-09  Alexander Shaduri  <ashaduri gmail com>

	* gtk/src/cellview.ccg:
	* gtk/src/cellview.hg: Added unset_model().

	* gtk/src/combobox.ccg:
	* gtk/src/combobox.hg: Added unset_model().

	* gtk/src/entrycompletion.ccg:
	* gtk/src/entrycompletion.hg: Added unset_model().

	* gtk/src/iconview.ccg:
	* gtk/src/iconview.hg: Added unset_model().

	* gtk/src/treeview.hg: Marked unset_model() as available since 2.8.

	* gtk/src/gtk_docs_override.xml: Added overrides for
	gtk_tree_view_set_model(), gtk_cell_view_set_model(),
	gtk_entry_completion_set_model(), gtk_entry_completion_set_model()
	and gtk_combo_box_set_model(), because their documentation
	contained an incorrect method of unsetting the models.
	Bug #555268

This is trunk for API additions. See also the gtkmm-2-14 branch.

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