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Re: support for latest (radeon) hardware

Callum Lerwick wrote:
On Sat, 2009-01-24 at 23:17 +0100, Kevin Kofler wrote:
That said, it's a tough topic, because regressions tend to really annoy
people, they feel "WTF, this always worked, WhyTF is it no longer working
now?", even though from a purely practical point of view, unfixed bugs (and
not working on some hardware is practically speaking a bug, even though
technically it's a missing feature) are much worse because there's no
working build to revert to.

Your logic is flawed. People with not yet supported hardware, can find
supported hardware, or live with workarounds like VESA. You can not make
progress by accepting regressions. At best, you are spinning your wheels
in place, at worst you are taking one step forward and two steps back.
Regression means just that, you are regressing. Fedora is about
progress, not regress. The linux kernel has a rather strict
no-regressions policy, for good reason:


I wish Xorg and Fedora as a whole, would adopt a similar policy. I'm
very unhappy with how the Xorg update went in F10. Just when we started
getting reliable, usable open source OpenGL, F10 came along and broke


Not a single one of my machines works out of the box like they did in
F9, they all need work-arounds. But OpenGL support has been quite
thoroughly broken. This has pretty well fucked any ability to get back
to working on Second Life:


I have Shit To Do, and it looks like I'm going to have to revert my
entire Xorg back to F9 to do it.

Yes that is what I've done too (revert back to F-9 Xorg), even though I've been actively working with airlied (congrats with your kid once more) to get things in shape for F-10 and I believe we are in ok shape wrt 2d in F-10 3d is simply not usable in F-10, and since I maintain many games in Fedora I need working 3d.



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